Unlock the Power of Online Financial Assistance Applications

Patient Experience
Hospital Experience

Why Make Financial Assistance Easy?

Save Time

By saving hospital staff from spending thousands of hours manually reviewing and processing Financial Assistance Applications.

Save Money

By converting your manual, burdensome, paper-based Financial Assistance Application process to an easy-to-access, self-serve, paperless process.

Help Your Patients

By giving them easy answers to their Financial Assistance questions, “Do I qualify?” and “How do I apply?” right on your website.

How It Works



Whether you are a small hospital or a large health system, HFA’s Online Financial Assistance Platform is fully customizable. We build each client their own, white-labeled Online Financial Assistance Platform customized to their Financial Assistance Policy and Eligibility Criteria.


Patient Experience

Most patients have two big questions regarding Financial Assistance:

“Do I qualify?” and “How do I apply?”

Giving patients an easy-to-use online resource for getting those questions answered is a huge improvement over how patients access Financial Assistance at most hospitals today.

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Hospital Experience

Hospitals spend a ton of time and money managing their Financial Assistance Programs. These costs include staff time on patient phone calls asking about Financial Assistance, mailing paper applications to patients, staff time on patient phone calls answering their questions on how to complete an application, staff time processing applications. Simply processing an application includes application review, supporting document verification, eligibility criteria calculation, management re-review, posting appropriate discounts to patient accounts, and managing discounts on future services that qualify for Financial Assistance.

It does not need to be this hard!

HFA’s Online Financial Assistance Platform makes accessing your Financial Assistance Program patient-friendly and self-serve. We also offer a range of application processing support outlined below:

  • Pre-Processing – HFA will send you a daily report of all electronically received Financial Assistance Applications with pre-determinations included based upon your eligibility criteria and their application entries.
  • Pre-Processing with Document Verification – HFA will review all received electronic applications, verify appropriate supporting documentation, and submit a daily report of all received Financial Assistance Applications and verified determinations.
  • Comprehensive Financial Assistance Processing Partnership (Available with certain EHRs) – HFA will review all received Financial Assistance Applications, including electronic and paper forms, and process them inside of your system according to your Financial Assistance Policy.

Unlock the power of online Financial Assistance applications today!

“Save time processing mountains of paper. The online application and digital storage will eliminate many of the headaches associated with the traditional financial assistance process.”

Hospital Experience

“A positive patient experience is vital to the future of healthcare. Online financial assistance application and processing  should be available to everyone.”

Patient Experience
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